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HealthyDebate: Emotional care in a Technology-driven health System

Mounting concern that health professional/patient interactions are often less than therapeutic has led to many initiatives aimed at finding ways to put the care back into the health care system. In Canada, one such initiative is the creation of the Patient Experience department of Alberta Health Services. Find the full article here.

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More Practical Wisdom Tools for a Better Patient Experience

Several months ago, we introduced you to some of Alberta Health Services' (AHS) Practical Wisdom Tools on our blog. Recently, AHS got in touch to show us 9 new Practical Wisdom Tools on topics like Sharing your Healthcare Story and Emotional Care Pathways. These tools are all endorsed by the Patients' Association of Canada as practical ways to make for better healthcare experiences, and they are attached to this blog post.

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Practical Wisdom Tools for a Better Patient Experience

Our friends at Alberta Health Services (AHS) have been taking great steps toward improving the patient experience. Recently Willow Brocke, Director of Patient Engagement at AHS, shared these evidence-based, leading practices with us. They're called Practical Wisdom Tools, and you can find them at the bottom of this blog post.

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